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Whale and Dolphin watching tours

Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
$500 Private boat (maximum 4 people)

Get up close to nature with our whale and dolphin watching tour. Pods of whales and dolphins gather in Drake bay and make for an amazing sight!

You’ll get a once in a lifetime chance to see humpback, pilot, killer, sei, and beaked whales, as well as bottle nose, roughtooth, spotted, common, and spinner dolphins.

The best times to see the whales, which visit Costa Rica for breeding, are from mid-July to the end of November, but they can also be seen during March and June since Costa Rica experiences migrations from both North and South America.

Private boat and captain, water, fresh fruit, snacks or lunch for longer tour.

Note: If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking an anti-nausea pill the night before and one hour before coming aboard.