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Hiking Tours

Hiking on the Osa Peninsula is a magical experience not be missed when you visit! See tropical birds, monkeys, coatis, insects, native flowers, majestic trees and more while exploring our rainforests.

Let us help you book the perfect hiking tour after you book your bungalow!

Note: If you’re planning on taking a hiking tour, it is recommended that you bring quick drying athletic clothing and secure sport sandals or water shoes and lots of water. The average temperature can reach 90° F (30 ° C) along the trails and it is extremely humid so we recommend at least 2 liters of water per person.

Nighttime Bug and Poison Dart Frog Tour

Nighttime Bug and Poison Dart Frog Tour
$50 Per Person

For a unique and fascinating view of the rain forest at night, the nighttime tour is a must. Starting after 7pm, this amazing night tour will show you a completely new world of rare nocturnal wildlife such as brightly colored tree frogs, tailless scorpions, Bolivian wandering spiders, red-eyed tree snakes, owl butterflies, praying mantis and sleeping hummingbirds.

San Josecito Beach and Rio Claro tour

San Josecito Beach and Rio Claro Tour
$145 Per Person
San Josecito Beach and Rio Claro Tour
$145 Per Person
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The trip begins with a 2 hour hike through primary forest to a stunning waterfall. You will be able to swim in the pool beneath the waterfall before beginning a leisurely float down the river, taking approximately 1½ hours, finally reaching the Rio Claro beach. A short 30 minute hike will take you to San Josecito beach, and from there a boat ride back to the hotel.