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Corcovado National Park Tours

Rich in biodiversity, Corcovado National Park draws botanists, bird watchers, animal lovers, and nature enthusiasts of all kinds from around the world. Visitors will find a colorful array of flora, fungi, rare glimpses of jungle cats, monkeys, crocodiles, peccary, anteaters, sloths, boa constrictors, toucans, and macaws. Day hikes and overnight camping are both available with a bilingual tour guide.

San Pedrillo Hiking Tour
$110 Per Person

San Pedrillo Ranger Station

Begin with a 25 minute boat ride to the northernmost station in Corcovado, San Pedrillo ranger station, where you will land close to the beach. From there you will embark on a hike through the dense primary rain forest, where you will have the opportunity to see howler, white-faced, and spider monkeys, coati, white-lipped peccaries, scarlet macaws, toucans, and many other birds species and of course snakes, frogs and insects. After lunch you will hike to a waterfall, swim under its cascading beauty, relax, and take photos.

Sirena Hiking Tour
$124 Per Person

Sirena Biological Station Tour

Sirena is the most visited of the five ranger stations in Corcovado National Park with basic services such as lodging and food for tourists (with a reservation). It is also where a large amount of scientific research is undertaken, so it is imoprtant to reserve ahead if you plan on staying overnight.

The tour begins with an approximately 1 hour 15 minutes boat ride. During your ocean journey you may see dolphins and possibly whales, depending on the time of year.

Once there, you will walk approximately 4 hours through trails around the station and it is possible to see a lot of flora and fauna. This is probably one of the best places to see mammals in danger of extinction such as the tapir, white-lipped peccaries, monkeys, as well as many other species.

Overnight Sirena Hiking Tour
$400 Per Person

Sirena Biological Station Tour

The overnight tour gives visitors the chance to see a wide range of insects, reptiles, nocturnal mammals and the possibility of wild cats.

The tour includes the boat trips both ways, a full day hike, all meals, a night time hike, rustic accommodations, and the following day another short hike.

Please remember to bring secure sandals, hiking boots, sports sandals/water shoes, lightweight long pants, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, camera/binoculars, drinking water, and a waterproof bag or knapsack is highly recommended.